Female, bi, cis, white, USAmerican, recent college grad, animu/mango fangirl. Posts an odd mixture of social justice srs bizness, incoherent fandom squee, and Zero Punctuation screencaps. See also: the_sun_is_up@LJ.

Also runs @fuckyeahfemslash and @magicalgirlproject. *self-pimp self-pimp*

Fanart credits: If an artist's name is all numbers (e.g. 186384) then that artist is on Pixiv. If an artist's name is letters and/or numbers (e.g. Gabzillaz, Nami86) then that artist is on DeviantArt.

Some of my less intuitive tags:
girls who top = femdom
lesbians! = femslash, yuri, etc
homo homo ghei ghei = slash, yaoi, boysex, etc
bizarre love triangle = OT3, threesomes, etc
BeaBato = Beatrice/Battler
Twilol = funny Twilight things